WRAP Program

Elite Life Care Services and Elite Guardian Services is proud to introduce Project WRAP©

Project WRAP© is an innovative program, that is specially designed to provide mentorship, guidance, and quality improvement monitoring for those clients and wards, that are diagnosed with behavioral and mental health diagnoses.

The program stands for, WELLNESS , RECOVERY, ACTION, PLAN!

The WRAP© Program is facilitated and monitored by the Elite LCSW, and Expert Life Care Manager to accommodate any client or ward, that resides in a traditional residential setting, or an alternative living community.

Here are some of the benefits, for the client, that are provided by the Elite Life Care Manager

  • Detection of client trigger points and identifying early warning signs
  • Developing sound strategies for the client to communicate, when the client may be experiencing highs and lows, as well as other changes in behavior
  • Customizing a list of strategies and activities for the client, that successfully promotes a clients well being
  • Developing a customized plan, for clients family members, and other peers, that provides proactive navigation, of a change in their family members behavior
These plans, include the following, counseling, journaling, music, nutritional improvement, and monitoring, exercise, personal training, light relaxation exercises, promotion of sleep, etc.
  • Counseling
  • Journaling
  • Music
  • Nutritional Improvement
  • Monitoring
  • Exercise
  • Personal Training
  • Light Relaxation Exercises
  • Promotion of Sleep
  • and many others

The objective here is to implement project WRAP©, for those clients/wards who are active partners with the Elite Life Care manager in navigating, and steering their own ship, to further promote their independence, and overall quality of life!

For more information on project WRAP©, or other Elite Life Care services, please contact Troy Kerber, Executive Director at 630-470-3893, or tkerber@elitelcs.com