Cost Analysis Projection

Elite Life Care Services offers this dynamic and insightful program to offer our referral sources and their clients the optimal pro-forma forecast in the areas of Life Care Planning, cost analysis and projections, in regards to planning for present day, and most significantly, for future client needs!

What is a cost projection?

The Elite team of CAP’s, along with the Elite Life Care Manager offer creative, and dynamic strategies in determining the balance between an effective care plan, and the necessary cost effective strategies in providing the most financially equitable plan. This unique plan is custom designed to meet the needs of any client!

The Elite team provides a detailed spreadsheet, that is reliant on medical history, Life history, and Life needs, for each client. This format is customized and equipped to provide clients, with the most absolute detailed information, that is essential in guaranteeing successful cost projection, and care outcomes, for each client!

Who benefits from the CAP Program?

Any and all clients, which include the following case scenarios:

  • The estate planning attorney, when developing an effective estate plan, that is implemented, within a special needs trust, that has one or more beneficiaries, and will require a larger distribution, from the estate!
  • The personal injury attorney who requires the expertise of Elite, having a proven record, of over twenty years of experience in developing life care plans, for those litigated personal injury cases
  • Fiduciaries, or guardians who are appointed, with the responsibility of investment, on behalf of their respective wards, and benefit tremendously, by having a clear insight into the future!
  • When a new diagnosis is determined, the the Elite expert can determine, what the cost related services will be, based on a customized actuary, for each appropriate client/ward
  • The family law attorney who must determine the equal distribution of assets, based on one or more parties having special needs, that require specialized care!
  • Any client or ward, who requires a customized care plan, and detailed care pathway, for short, or long term care!
  • Any client who is in need of additional services such as financial management services, such as bill paying services, or asset allocation services. The Elite CPA, and Life Care Manager will create a customized system to solve these specific needs!

How can I find out more about the CAP Program?

Please contact Elite Life Care Services at 630-470-3893 to arrange a consultation