Elite Home Solutions

Elite Home Solutions offers a seamless array of services for residential and commercial properties. This service was developed, due to the ever increasing needs for a professional service to facilitate the needs of clients, ward’s, Trust officers, and attorneys, who are responsible for the care of elderly clients, or clients with disabilities; in regards to issues and challenges related to properties.

How to avoid the property abyss!

Elite Home Solutions offers various services and solutions, when a client can no longer manage the property themselves. Our insured and bonded team of consummate professionals will ensure that a property remains safe, and protected, especially when vacant.

The Elite team of Care managers, and employed contractors provide wholistic protection of the client’s family legacy, which most often, is the home! Services include the following:

  • The Elite contractor provides the a thorough home or building inspection to evaluate and determine any safety concerns
  • The Elite team will provide property clean outs, repairs, and property rejuvenation in preparation for sale, or continued habitation
  • The Elite team provides consultation and reorganization strategies for the hoarding client
  • The Elite team provides coordination of property appraisals, and representation in regards to the sale of properties
  • The Elite team assists the client or ward in all aspects of living transition, providing consultation in alternative living options, facilitating packing of items, storage of valuables, and coordination of moving
  • The Elite team addresses code violations and issues, within various municipalities. Most significantly, our team of contractors will restore the property back to code.
  • The Elite Team will make arrangements to facilitate any property maintenance such as snow removal, or lawn maintenance, when the client or ward can no longer manage independently
  • The Elite Team will facilitate the sale, or liquidation of assets such as vehicles, or boats
  • The Elite Team will function as the liaison in regards to distribution of assets amongst family members
  • The Elite Team CPA will process client tax returns and any other accounting related services

For more questions, concerning Elite Home Solutions, please contact us directly at 630-470-3893