Care Risk Assessment

What is a care risk assessment?

Caregivers enter the lives of our loved ones, by providing the most important of services. Often, the caregiver acts as a primary support system, and lifeline for their clients. Those caregivers who are hired privately, or are family members, do not offer the support systems necessary to offer, and protection from professional liability. Caregivers; who are not employed by a professional, licensed home health agency, may not be insured, may not have taxes deducted from their paychecks, and never have viable options for replacement, when that primary caregiver requires some respite time. Always, that profile of caregiver requires certified training, and professional managerial collaboration in order to guarantee performing well on behalf of their client.

The Elite Care Risk Assessment will.....

  • An experienced care manager will visit the home to provide a thorough evaluation of any potential issues, and most importantly offer recommendations to solve those issues
  • The care manager provides a thorough, well documented interview of the caregiver, determining strengths and identifying any weaknesses
  • The care manager provides a review of how daily funds are spent in the household
  • The care manager conducts and inventories all valuables and possessions within the client residence
  • The care manager provides a solid contingency plan in order to provide respite to the primary caregiver
  • The care manager examines the current care plan and provides appropriate revisions
  • The care manager assessed the home environment to ensure safety, and all appropriate modifications are in place

Elite Life Care Services will also offer the additional services, as needed to those households employing private, or family caregivers

  • Background Checks
  • Education and training for caregivers
  • Drug screening
  • Personal inventory and documentation of assets and valuables
  • On site supervision and wellness checks

For more information on the Elite Life Care Services, LLC “Care Risk Assessment” Program, please consult us at 630-470-3893