Life Care Management

ELITE LIFE CARE SERVICES, LLC defines the term Life Care Management as the primary concept of advocating and assisting clients of all ages as they embark on their mission through navigating life’s issues and challenges. Some of these services include, but not limited to:

CLIENT ADVOCACY: How? The Elite professional staff through their vast experience will assess, evaluate, and create a personalized Life Care Plan that promotes each client to reach their optimal level of success in their quest to attain the highest quality of life.

CLIENT ASSESSMENT: How? The Elite professional staff through their vast experience realizes that each client and pathway require their own distinct individual needs.

CLIENT EVALUATION: How? The Elite professional staff through their credentialed team of social workers and experts guide the client to optimal success in their personalized care plan application.

CARE MAPPING: How? The Elite professional staff thoroughly monitors the CARE plan from the inception, most importantly guides the client to their personalized journey through life.

Client Mediation and Restorative Services

Elite Life Care Services, LLC offers a full range of services by professionals, that are specifically designed to assist and provide counsel to those clients and families with and in need of:

  • Navigation of Family Dynamics
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Restorative Relationships

Estate Management

Elite Life Care Services, LLC provides the following services that are connected to property related issues and challenges

  • Coordination of property clean outs and renovations
  • Coordination of property sales
  • Co-Administrator of the estate
  • Advocacy and counsel to Hoarding clients
  • Accounting services including filing of personal and property taxes
  • Power of Attorney -- healthcare or property
  • Coordination of caregiver services for the client (including shift and 24 hour care)

Home Health Care Management

Home Health Care Management includes the following services provided by the Life Care Manager

  • Coordination of Home Health Care services on behalf of the client including, Nursing, Physical and Occupational Therapists, and caregivers
  • Functioning as the monitor for home healthcare services, already in place for the client. Functioning as the "eyes and ears for the Power of Attorney, Guardian, or geographically challenged family members
  • Reports and recommendations from the Elite Expert Life Care Manager to Attorneys, Fiduciaries, and family members
  • Creation of a personalized Care Plan that would be advantageous to the client
  • To function as power of attorney for healthcare related services, decisions, and challenges