Art and Music Therapy Program

Gloria Sutter is Elite Life Care’s Art & Music Therapist and serves our clients by bringing art and music to them in their homes or facilities. Our clients find great comfort and even inspiration in their art or music sessions with Gloria, and always look forward to their next visit. Gloria encourages the clients to express themselves through creativity and allows them the respectful space to sing along or do their own kind of art. These therapies have become a special and even vital part of Elite’s Life Care visits, as Gloria brings and inspires JOY through art and music in all her clients.

Gloria is a trained musician and singer and has an extensive art education background. She recently wrote, illustrated, and published her first children’s picture book. She has a compassionate heart for those who need encouragement and is passionate about the arts as a means of bringing ministry and hope to those in difficult life situations.

Some examples of Elite’s creative therapies:

  • Painting Classes
  • Drawing
  • Clay Molding
  • Writing and Poetry
  • Inspirational Music and Bible Study
  • Acoustic Guitar Playing

Art and Music Therapies are offered with Elite’s Care Management Program for your loved one, and there is not extra cost to you. Art and Music is available to all of Elite Life Care’s clients and wards.

Some of our clients’ responses to our creative sessions:

“I just love painting! You’ve given me a new lease on life!”

“I’m really liking playing guitar again…I didn’t know I could do this! This is bringing back a lot a memories when I was young.”

“Thank you so much for singing to me…your voice is so peaceful, and that really helps me to relax.”

From Gloria:

“I love meeting with your loved one and inspiring them to express themselves and escape in artistic expression! It is so wonderful to see time and time again how Art and Music ministers to the lonely, hurting, and discouraged parts in all of us. My clients are in a season in their life that is difficult, and they need all the love, joy, and inspiration they can get. That’s where I come in, as Elite Life Care’s Art & Music Therapist, to bring joy and hope to your loved one! Thank you for trusting me with this mission.”

Gloria Sutter
Art & Music Therapist