Care Associate

Victoria Gonzalez joins the ELCS team as a care associate. She brings a myriad of life experiences and great interactions with others! According to Victoria, “I’ve always loved contributing to helping others and making a positive difference in their lives!”

Victoria has a background in the early education field, where she has mentored several preschool age children, both emotionally and intellectually. Also, she brings experience and expertise in providing professional assistance to clients in regards to their essential living tasks for those clients residing within the skilled nursing home arena! She also has vast experience in the food and beverage industry areas as a manager who ensured that all of their clients have the best experience at the various establishments that she has overseen.

Victoria is a former student athlete that also holds a certification and license as a Phlebotomist. “As a valued team member of ELCS, I look forward to continuing to offer everyone my compassionate, patience, and also my creative, fun side to brighten the day for all of the clients and wards, that I come into contact with!“

Contact Information:

Victoria Gonzalez, Elite Life Care

564 S Washington

Naperville, IL 60540