Care Associate

Steve comes to Elite Life Care after a career in Corporate Leadership and Management which took him to many facilities all over the globe working with diverse teams and nationalities. His passion prior to retirement in 2017 was developing, mentoring and leading teams to optimal performance serving the Appliance and Automotive industries.

Steve’s ability to build relationships was enhanced with his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology received from The Ohio State University. His education was invaluable when working with customers, employees and suppliers knowing the importance to satisfy each of their needs and expectations where all parties were winners. Steve firmly believes that regardless of nationality, gender, age or path of life one has chosen or traveled the common denominator is we all have needs and emotions and we are motivated by respect, dialogue, and attentive listening which is the key to success and happiness.

Steve resides in Aurora, Illinois and has a wife and three sons.

Contact Information:

Stephen Jerwers, Elite Life Care

564 S Washington

Naperville, IL60540