Care Associate

My name is Chacarah Mercer, I believe in my other life I was a caretaker. I have over 20 years of helping people. My goal is to hope that I leave something that helps someone’s life be a little easier, even if it’s kind words or a new look at an old issue. I’ve worked at several not-for-profit organizations, Cornerstones Services, Regional Care Association to name a few. I have experience with helping people with disabilities, HIV/AIDs, the LGTBQ+ community. I always wanted to do something to help people, so I started small and became a Medical Assistant, then I went to school to become a teacher, I obtained a BA in English Education, after graduating College being a single mother with 3 children, I realize it was hard to do my student teaching and take care of home and my family. I continued my education and obtained an MBA in Business Administration. I worked with Elite Care management as a Home Services Staffing Coordinator for almost 2 years and now I’m learning the Elite Life Care side of Elite Care.

I graduated from University of Phoenix with Bachelors in English Education June 2016. Independence University with a Master’s in Business Administration and Management October 2017. I have a Medical Assistant Certificate from Everest College March 2005.

I’m always looking to learn new subjects and solve whatever problem that arises. I enjoy learning and helping others. I’ve volunteered at the Senior Care department at St. Joseph Hospital 2005, and Daybreak Shelter in Joliet IL 2006. I know that we all live very different lives and that before judging others, walk a year in their shoes first.

Contact Information:

Chacarah Mercer, Elite Life Care

564 S Washington

Naperville, IL 60540

Email: cmercer@eliteLCS.com