Life Care Associate and Home & Estate Services

Adriano joins the ELCS team with an extensive background in retail business management and having valuable life experiences in a myriad of different areas! Mostly in Front End management. Requiring a perfect balance of leading/working with a varied team of associates and upper management to ensure the best in constant customer satisfaction. His roots in team management and cooperation have been there since graduating from Plainfield Central High School where his main activity was being in the high school band. And spending those years as first chair Euphonium in Symphonic Band and Low Brass Section leader for Marching Band. His love for the arts, especially in films, has helped shape his critical thinking.

Adriano as a valued member of the ELCS team provides professional assistance and support in the areas of professional care oversight of our clients and wards, as well as being a valued member of our home and estates services team!

Contact Information:

Adriano Vasquez, Elite Life Care

564 S Washington

Naperville, IL60540

E: avasquez@elitelcs.com