We are the Guardian Angels in our field!

Dear Colleagues and Associates,

Certainly there has been much anticipation as we have moved into phase 3 in this great reopening of our country, and we are hoping for phase 4 to begin in later June. Nonetheless, stating that as a society we have experienced many challenges in 2020 - that is the understatement of the year!

There are many facets of society that have changed, such as the pivotal roles of any essential worker occupations that are greatly needed during this time! The roles of essential workers are simply busier then ever. The same can be said for a day in the life, and evening, for the care manager, life care manager, case manager, geriatric care manager, or whatever the preferred semantic, of the day is, that describes our wonderful profession.

Elite Life Care Services and Elite Guardian Services are available to their clients and wards on a 24/7 basis! The “Elite Difference” is a never ending constant, within an ever changing world, and universe! What is the “Elite Difference” ? The Elite Difference is a philosophy, not just another mission statement. This philosophy can take on several meanings, when applied as, “ A Day in the Life , or Evening of an ELCS Care Manager!” The Elite Difference, entails the following:

ELCS treats every client and ward as to how we would expect our own family members to be treated. That difference includes a passion for the profession, compassion, empathy, creativity, and a professional approach to solving the clients health, and life challenges! As experts in this field, we are available 24/7

Quite often, the ELCS care manager starts their day before the designated hours of a normal 9am-5-pm business day, or after hours, beyond the 6pm threshold. Why is this? With the complexities of clients and wards needs, ranging from complex mental health cases to unexpected developments at home, for an elderly client, anything can happen, at anytime! Here are some real life scenarios!

  • 1. The client/ward enters a manic state, as a result of a stressor or unperceived trigger reaching out for help! These calls have no set timeline, and will continue until they reach their lifeline, which is the ELCS care manager.
  • 2. The inability of a hired caregiver, or home health nurse to show up, at a scheduled shift, is always handled, and solved by an ELCS care manager.
  • 3. The spontaneous, late ordered, and needed medications, or essential groceries, that are needed, and solved by the ELCS Concierge.
  • 4. Night time is the right time! Many critical discussions take place after hours, with attorneys, who are passionate and committed as ELCS, in regards to a myriad of client/ward issues. Also, evening consultations with family members can be the only time, that they are available to discuss the plan of care, for their loved ones!
  • 5. The unanticipated property related situation occurs, such as loss of utilities, at a client/ward residence, water damage to the basement, or the caregiver and client are locked out of their residence. Ultimately solved by the ELCS care manager.
  • 6. The unplanned, late discharge, of a client/ward from the hospital. The client/ward has many needs to be addressed, in order to make this transition home a success! Aptly, solved by the ELCS care manager.
  • 7. The after hours call, in regards to a mental health client/ward, that has been arrested, for an alleged incident. Coordination of needed legal, and health services, and accurate reporting, that is essential for the overall well being, of the client/ward 8. The out of state family member, who requires consultation, and reporting exclusively after hours , in regards to the care pathway, of their loved one.
  • 9.The essential, unplanned visitation, and wellness check, on behalf of a client/ward, at their respective skilled nursing facility to ensure, that the care plan and quality of care is evident.
  • 10. The accessibility of the ELCS Executive Director 24/7 for notification, acceptance, and appointment, for an emergency guardianship, or emergency agent, for Power of Attorney situation.
  • 11. Often in our profession, since we are extremely passionate in our work, our most creative ideas originate after hours, that we include in a care plan, to further benefit a client/ward during normal service hours.
  • 12. During this pandemic, the ELCS care manager currently is looking for updated information, from reliable sources for those clients/wards that are under quarantine. Often, those critical details are acquired, after hours.

As experts in our field, and as the “Guardian Angels” of our clients and wards; there are so many more unique scenarios, and situations, that arise, that haven’t been mentioned. At the end of the day or the beginning of the day, the "Elite Difference" philosophy continues to play a pivotal role in serving our clients and wards in Chicago, the western suburbs, the south suburbs, the northern suburbs, and northwest Indiana!

For any questions, regarding Elite Life Care Services, or Elite Guardian Services, please contact Troy Kerber, Executive Director, at 630-470-3893, or tkerber@elitelcs.com


Troy Kerber

Executive Director

Elite Life Care Services

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The Elite Difference

As a professional personal services company, that provides care management, guardianship, estate related services, concierge, forensic accounting, home nursing and caregiver services, we are fully operational as an essential business, following the guidelines of the CDC and the State of Illinois. We have continued to grow, even during these challenging times! How is this possible? Internally and externally, we refer to this as the “Elite Difference”. Our entire team has a strong passion for what we do and consider it an honor to be a part of elite services to our clients, wards and their family members! Essentially, we treat our clients and wards the way we would expect our own family members to be treated!