COVID-19 Vaccination Information

There is a lot of information out there about the COVID-19 vaccine and Elite Care Management wants to help!

Here is a breakdown of frequently asked questions, places older adults can register to get vaccinated, and more!

IDPH Location Finder

Using this tool created by the Illinois Department of Public Health, you can find COVID-19 vaccine locations and appointments available.

Click here to find a vaccination location near you and receive appointment information. As the federal government distributes additional vaccine doses, additional appointments will become available.

New sites and pharmacies are being added daily. Please check back regularly for available appointments.

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe?

A: The two COVID-19 vaccines currently available through Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) by the FDA have gone through the U.S. vaccine safety system which is a process to ensure all vaccines are as safe as possible. The vaccine has been clinical trials with thousands of study participants to generate scientific data and other information for the FDA to determine their safety and effectiveness.

Q: Do I need a vaccine if I have already had COVID-19?

A: Yes, people who have already had COVID-19 should plan to take the COVID-19 vaccine, because the science is currently inconclusive as to whether you will be naturally protected from a second COVID-19 infection in the future. The CDC currently suggests that if you were infected with COVID-19 during the previous 90 days, it is likely that you still have immune protection and that you will be asked to wait to receive your vaccine to allow others to be vaccinated first.

Q: Will undocumented people be able to get the vaccine?

A: All populations in Illinois, including individuals who are undocumented, can receive the vaccine. No one will be turned away when it is their time to be vaccinated.

Q: If I get the vaccine, can I quit wearing a mask?

A: No. While the COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective, it not 100% effective. Until the COVID-19 pandemic is controlled, people who receive the vaccine need to continue following Illinois Department of Public Health guidance such as the use of facemasks, social distancing, and regular hand washing. This protects you as well as your family and community.

Q: How much will the vaccine cost me? Is it covered by my insurance?

A: There is no cost for the vaccine. However, vaccination providers will be able to charge an administration fee for giving the shot. This fee will be covered for older adults through Medicare.

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Source: Illinois Department of Public Health

COVID-19 Resource Guide

Elite Care Management will continue to send information and updates regarding COVID-19, and share the latest information about the vaccine.

It is important to continue to follow public health safety measures throughout this time. Following the 3 W's; wearing a mask, washing our hands and watching our distance, will help keep us safe until everyone is able to receive the vaccine.

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